Our impact

Med Train cultivates e-learning for betterment of the healthcare industry.

Medicine, like every other industry, is picking up pace, but quality information is scarce. Digital upskilling has somehow become a necessity to have a successful career. Med-Train, a brand partnered with Design Esthetics, wanted to give quality healthcare education to ambitious practitioners, and we did just that.

The Challenge

Building a digital presence and streamlining the process. On its journey to mold informed healthcare practitioners who can give better solutions, MedTrain needed to foster and perfect innovation in the digital platform. The concept of customer journey, digital branding, MarTech, and dynamic global trends has been a brick wall for many organizations. The USP being “digital upskilling” has a great hook, and the faculty are widely acknowledged, so we decided to communicate this the right way to the right audience through ways that will never go wrong. The plan was set, the work was delegated and our teams got to work.

What DE did

Right from the beginning, we gave a clear path and constantly worked to streamline a smooth process. With ample communication going back and forth, we understood everything there is to know about the digital upskilling industry. After market and industry research, content curation, website development and marketing to the target audience, MedTrain’s first course went live with more students than planned and was extremely successful. Now, MedTrain is a global pioneer in digital healthcare upskilling, with students from all over the world.


By staying in touch